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Our Promise

Our Promise

We promise to exceed your expectations:
We promise that your experience with Second Serve will be exceptional!
We know your time is valuable - we make it fast and easy to donate and shop.
We know you work hard for your money - we want you to look amazing on the court at a fraction of the cost.
We know you want to make this world a better place - we make sure all of our proceeds go to worthy organizations that bring the joy of tennis and athletics to all. We also decrease the footprint we leave behind. It’s a win, win!

We promise to ensure quality:
Not sure about wearing lightly-used athletic wear? Don’t worry! We inspect every item we receive. We have strict evaluation criteria. We will not post anything on Second Serve that we wouldn’t wear ourselves. Everything we receive is sanitized with our special cleaning process. All items are put through a rigorous cleaning procedure and inspected before and after cleaning to ensure they are in ready-to-wear condition. In addition, we inspect every item and thoroughly evaluate it. If there is a flaw, you will know about it before you click “buy”.

We promise to take care of our customer:
We take customer service very seriously. We want you to be happy with your decision to be involved with Second Serve. If at any time you have a question or comment, we are here to listen. Email us at or call us at 970-541-9525.

We promise to give back:
We make it easy for you to feel good about where your extra tennis gear ends up. The charities we partner with benefit, the planet benefits, and you get a great shopping experience. Shopping never felt so good!